Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Two Towers

Things as they stand

For almost ten years I have stored the bulk of my miniature and terrain projects, as well as some finished miniatures, in a pair of hospital cafeteria shelving units I bought from a surplus yard. Their end days are nigh as I am resolved to make some major changes in my work and play space.

Miniatures reside in the left tower, terrain in the right. Collected in plastic trays in a semblance of order representing project ideas. Each tray contains enough minis for a skirmish level faction. Usually around ten to twenty figures. They have lain in this state for long enough that I've forgotten what is in many of the trays.

The cunning plan

I plan on taking one tray at a time from the shelves. Starting at the top and working my way down. The contents of each tray will be painted and based before moving on to the next tray. I'll continue to work on current projects as well but hopefully no more than one at a time. I'll be cataloging my progress here on the blog with weekly posts and photos of what I'm working on.

First out: Samurai

A small collection of Ral Partha Samurai I've had since they were first released for the Bushido RPG. There are Samurai, Ninja, Shugenja (Wizards) and four Oni.

These have been stripped of the old paint, primed with Vallejo brush on primer and mounted on washers. I've gotten as far as the flesh tones on and will post again once they get closer to being done.

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