Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Legions of Bone and Gristle

I needed an army for the Pacificon Dwarves vs Everyone else game that the Denizens of the Deep gang played out at Pacificon. I already had more Zombies and Ghouls than you could shale a femur at from my Gothic Horror gaming and I had a bunch of Skeleton sprues lying around. Here are some pics of the fruits of my efforts:

Some Saxon-ey looking Skeletons. I replaced the heater shields with some rounds I had.

For my "Late" Roman Revenants I went with a Lost Legion look.

Balefire Catapults to give them some long range capability. These were fun. The Ghoul Master Artillerist is a Heresy figure.

Last but not least my Liche King. Converted from a Warmachine Cryx figure.

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