Wednesday, September 19, 2018

T-Minas Morgul 5 days and counting

 First Horde of Orcs and Uruks completed and ready to fight
 Second horde of Orcs painted. All that's needed here is to finish basing. It took me a day and a couple of afternoons to paint this batch.
Nazgul are done but for painting bases.

I have one more batch of Uruks and trolls to try and paint before the big day. With a little luck I should be able to get it all done and still have time for a few surprises.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

T-Minus Morgul 21 days and counting

As part of some friends' birthday celebrations I'll be taking part in what should be a massive Warmaster game. I don't have a Warmaster force of any kind but I've always wanted to do an Orc army based on the army of the Witch King of Angmar from The Lord of the Rings.

I had some 10mm Copplestone orcs lying about and I ordered more to balance out a large force. My goal is a 2000 point force with a little extra for variety. The folks at North Star Military Figures were exceptionally speedy in getting my order to me. They are great folks there. I've never had anything but the best service from them.

Over the long holiday weekend I got cracking:

This is the majority of the Orc foot and mounted forces as well as a single unit of trolls primed.

Orc Archers and Warg Riders were the first to get painted. Once they were done I glued half of the remaining foot figures to painting sticks.

While waiting for the glue to dry I started work on my Witch King. The Fell Beast is a Reaper Miniatures Dragonette. Perfect for this scale.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mad Maximillian - The Starbucks Cup Road Rally

Last night we got together for a game of Mad Maximillian 1934 from Mana Press. A great set of Pulp period post apocalyptic auto dueling. The rules are quick to pick up and lots of fun to play. This was our third time playing and we've all got a pretty good grasp of how things work at this point.

Some of the cars I've either built from the Eureka Miniatures models made for the game or converted from die cast models. The Eureka kits are great and have loads of possibilities for custom car designs. They offer four different car kits and a set of extra bits that is great for making sure no two car look the same.

Here are some pictures from the game
  Red Rocket and Yellow Peril. Two of the Eureka models.
 Sociopath Sid in the Angry A and the Terrible T truck. Mildly converted die cast cars.
 Fireball 5, another of the Eureka kits.
 The course
 Yellow Peril passes the first marker
League of Local News Agents Rocket Lorry fangs it and pulls away from the starting gate.
 Into the bog house turn its Yellow Peril in the lead with Red Rocket close behind, guns chattering.
 League of Local News Agents make their move around the outside..

...passing Red Rocket...
 ...and Yellow Peril to take the lead coming out of the turn.
 Red Rocket pulls ahead and attempts a tricky Bootlegger but fails leaving himself in a bad spot.
 Yellow Peril pulls around the LOL News Agents.

 The News Agents miss a tight maneuver around the stalled Red Rocket and end up sideswiping him into the hedge for minimal damage to both parties.
Red Rocket throws it into reverse and rakes the News Agents lorry with twin machine guns, crippling the engine and leaving it immobilized. Meanwhile Yellow Peril makes its move and takes the lead.
Red Rocket has better luck with the Moonshiner turn to get a bearing on the leader.
 Yellow Peril streaks towards the finish
In a last ditch effort Red Rocket pounds the throttle and manages to fang it across the finish line with Yellow Peril close behind.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dragon Rampant

We played our first real game of Dragon Rampant this weekend. Rolling up the “Sacred Mole of Ukkert” scenario we set up our forces. Dwarves on one side and Fomorian Trolls on another. Most of the Troll units were “Reduced figure units”.
The dwarves were supposed to march from one corner of the board to the opposite corner, trying to get the sacred object off the board. There was a lot of maneuvering before any forces made contact but once units started clashing the game went very quickly. 

The Dwarves enter the field hauling away the Fomorians’ sacred idol, the “Dita of Walledorf”, from a small stronghold. Their objective is to get it off the board via the corner opposite them. (Southeast)

The Fomorians assemble in two hosts: The Troll lord and his house guards in the Southeast corner,
 and a band of Gaels in the Northeast corner.

The Dwarves move forward, Halfling archers on the right flank,

Berserkers on the left.

The Troll Lord arrays in a line to block the retreating Dwarves. Heavy Foot on the hill and his Elite Foot Berserks on the right slope

While the Troll lord and his Carls take the left slope

The Berserkers from both sides clash back and forth for a few exchanges before the Trolls send the Dwarves packing. The Trolls press on and manage to defeat the Dwarf unit carrying the artifact but are themselves forced are routed when they attack a third Dwarf unit.

The Gaels take missile casualties from the Halflings but press up the hill and are able to rout the Halflings in combat.

The Gaels are then put to flight by a unit of Dwarf foot.

The Trolls then took a Hammer and tongs approach, hitting the Dwarf leader with two separate units, causing him to leave the field. With the Dwarf leader defeated, the Dita of Wallendorf once again in Fomorian hands, and most of the Dwarven units scattered a marginal victory for the Fomorians was declared.

I enjoyed the rules and look forward to delving deeper into their complexities.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hyborian Hyjinks

Last night we played a test game in an attempt to translate the preview copy of Monolith's Conan board game rules into miniatures play. I didn't really modify anything other than a simple movement conversion to account for the lack of zones on a miniatures playing field.

It went really well. I upped the number of Heroes from 4 to 6 which required to increase a few factors for the Overlord as well. Mainly the amount of Stamina in play and the recovery rates. In hindsight I think I would increase the number of cards the Overlord can activate on his turn from two to three. It was a pretty one sided affair with six heroes on the table.

For the game I used the Rescue scenario put forward by Monolith. The Heroes were tasked with rescuing a Warlord's daughter from the hands of the brutish picts and their evil leader Zogar Sag.

 An overview of the game table. I tried to get the layout and spacing of terrain as close to the supplied gameboard as possible.
Red Sonja took the lead and made a lucky discovery. Not only did she find the Warlord's daughter but she found the giant snake pet of Zogar Sag. Her first attack left it seriously wounded but still in the fight. The action shown is taking place inside the hut. Conan can be seen rushing in to help.
Pictish Warriors start boiling out of the tents only to be felled by a lightning storm from the Cimmerian Shaman in the Hero's group.

Conan makes it into the hut and lays into the giant serpent. Together Sonja and Conan make quick work of the Serpent.

Meanwhile the Cimmerian Shaman and Grey, the thief, have managed to find Zogar Sag and lay him out in a short and quick exchange. Grey take the head of Zogar Sag as proof of the deed and starts to make his way out of the camp. His flight is shortly interrupted by Pictish reinforcements that appear in his path. They take a few swipes at him but he is able to dodge most of their attacks and continue on his way.
Amelia, the Cimmerian Spitfire, spent most of the game running around taking out the camps watchdogs all in quick order. He she seems to be wondering where everyone went?

The game went well and I hope to do a little tweaking and make another attempt in a few weeks.