Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dragon Rampant

We played our first real game of Dragon Rampant this weekend. Rolling up the “Sacred Mole of Ukkert” scenario we set up our forces. Dwarves on one side and Fomorian Trolls on another. Most of the Troll units were “Reduced figure units”.
The dwarves were supposed to march from one corner of the board to the opposite corner, trying to get the sacred object off the board. There was a lot of maneuvering before any forces made contact but once units started clashing the game went very quickly. 

The Dwarves enter the field hauling away the Fomorians’ sacred idol, the “Dita of Walledorf”, from a small stronghold. Their objective is to get it off the board via the corner opposite them. (Southeast)

The Fomorians assemble in two hosts: The Troll lord and his house guards in the Southeast corner,
 and a band of Gaels in the Northeast corner.

The Dwarves move forward, Halfling archers on the right flank,

Berserkers on the left.

The Troll Lord arrays in a line to block the retreating Dwarves. Heavy Foot on the hill and his Elite Foot Berserks on the right slope

While the Troll lord and his Carls take the left slope

The Berserkers from both sides clash back and forth for a few exchanges before the Trolls send the Dwarves packing. The Trolls press on and manage to defeat the Dwarf unit carrying the artifact but are themselves forced are routed when they attack a third Dwarf unit.

The Gaels take missile casualties from the Halflings but press up the hill and are able to rout the Halflings in combat.

The Gaels are then put to flight by a unit of Dwarf foot.

The Trolls then took a Hammer and tongs approach, hitting the Dwarf leader with two separate units, causing him to leave the field. With the Dwarf leader defeated, the Dita of Wallendorf once again in Fomorian hands, and most of the Dwarven units scattered a marginal victory for the Fomorians was declared.

I enjoyed the rules and look forward to delving deeper into their complexities.