Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hyborian Hyjinks

Last night we played a test game in an attempt to translate the preview copy of Monolith's Conan board game rules into miniatures play. I didn't really modify anything other than a simple movement conversion to account for the lack of zones on a miniatures playing field.

It went really well. I upped the number of Heroes from 4 to 6 which required to increase a few factors for the Overlord as well. Mainly the amount of Stamina in play and the recovery rates. In hindsight I think I would increase the number of cards the Overlord can activate on his turn from two to three. It was a pretty one sided affair with six heroes on the table.

For the game I used the Rescue scenario put forward by Monolith. The Heroes were tasked with rescuing a Warlord's daughter from the hands of the brutish picts and their evil leader Zogar Sag.

 An overview of the game table. I tried to get the layout and spacing of terrain as close to the supplied gameboard as possible.
Red Sonja took the lead and made a lucky discovery. Not only did she find the Warlord's daughter but she found the giant snake pet of Zogar Sag. Her first attack left it seriously wounded but still in the fight. The action shown is taking place inside the hut. Conan can be seen rushing in to help.
Pictish Warriors start boiling out of the tents only to be felled by a lightning storm from the Cimmerian Shaman in the Hero's group.

Conan makes it into the hut and lays into the giant serpent. Together Sonja and Conan make quick work of the Serpent.

Meanwhile the Cimmerian Shaman and Grey, the thief, have managed to find Zogar Sag and lay him out in a short and quick exchange. Grey take the head of Zogar Sag as proof of the deed and starts to make his way out of the camp. His flight is shortly interrupted by Pictish reinforcements that appear in his path. They take a few swipes at him but he is able to dodge most of their attacks and continue on his way.
Amelia, the Cimmerian Spitfire, spent most of the game running around taking out the camps watchdogs all in quick order. He she seems to be wondering where everyone went?

The game went well and I hope to do a little tweaking and make another attempt in a few weeks.