Monday, September 16, 2013

Ooh, Shiny! or how easily I can be distracted.

I got very excited by the trailer for the upcoming PS4 game called The Order:1886. It combines elements of two of my favorite genres: Victorian Science Fiction and Arthurian Legend. Little has been shown of the game but what has been divulged is beautiful, as far as games go.

 I was inspired to build a Company based on The Order for the VSF skirmish game we've been playing recently: In Her Majesty's Name.  I've decided to name my version The Order of the Knights of Sarmatia. Named after what I consider one of the most credible beginnings for the Knightly stories of Arthur: Sarmatian heavy cavalry in the service of Rome that were left behind when Rome pulled out of Britain in the late 400's AD.

What follows will be a chronicle of my efforts.

I started with some Foundry figures from their Seven Years War range: Frei Korps NCOs and Officers:
First some heads and arms had to come off. I'll be doing head swaps with some Artizan figures that I hope will com close to matching the characters in the games trailer video.
The center figure will be the lady. The face was a nice match so she kept her head. I'll rebuild the hair with green stuff.

I was able to dig in and get quite a bit done over the weekend. I've managed to find head donors for everyone. Those will go on last.

This is Blanche, the Lady of the group.

An arc Rifle for Galahad.

Percy, of the phantom arms.

Two of the warders, lay members of the Order.

I've written up a short description of The Order and given it stats for use in In Her Majesty's Name. I'll have that up in the next post.

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  1. Looking good so far. The green stuff work is nice and smooth