Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Its Jute Week!

I need some more troops for our Dark Ages games. So I dug out these old Citadel Barbarian Raiders I had in the lead pile and started cleaning them up with the goal in mind to have them painted and ready for the following Friday night game.

Saturday: I spent most of the day making shields and spears.
I primed them just before bed so I could start painting on Sunday.

Sunday I got some the flesh and base colors on.

Monday and Tuesday were more productive. Monday saw a lot of highlighting on the furs.

For some reason Tuesday's picture didn't happen.

Tonight, Wednesday things are coming to a head. All the figures with the exception of one latecomer are done but for shields and I've put some base colors down for the shields. I also put some basing grit down so it will be dry enough to work on tomorrow.



  1. Very nice Mike. Are these lads joining the ones you got from Northstar ?

  2. Hey Frank- it's another Jute! Those are awesome, great shield work!
    (see what I did there?)