Saturday, December 29, 2018

Night of Galactic Heroes

Galactic Heroes

I got together for a small, post holiday gathering of friends to play Galactic Heroes. This was my second time playing and first time for a few of the others.

I opted to use "The Emissary" scenario from the rules with a few changes.

We have two warring factions in a sector played who have agreed to meet for truce negotiations headed by an Emissary from a third party. In this scenario the Emissary, a Galactic Hero with psionic abilities, led a full crew and was totally capable of defending herself. The two warring factions each fielded a crew with the objective of protecting the Emissary and escorting her off the table via their initial starting position. The fourth crew was led by the interloper, a Galactic Villain with Psionic abilities, whose goal was to crash the negotiations party and kill the emissary to prevent a union between the two factions.

The Villain was able to get in quickly and maneuver into a position to charge the Emissary but was wounded and knocked down by a shot from one of the Emissary's crew. The Emissary quickly jumped in and dispatched the villain before she had a chance to get up.

Then one of the Galactic Villain's remaining troopers was able to do the same to the Emissary, placing a chunk of coherent light right between the Emissary's luminous peepers. Yay me, mission accomplished. Oh wait, I'm dead.

The factions then proceeded to pound on the Villain's remaining crew while the Emissary's crew got her limp form back on to the ship's boat and whisked away to the closest auto doc.

We all enjoyed the game thoroughly. The rules are a treat. There will be more of this game to play.

Some photos below.

The Emissary and her crew take cover behind their landing craft.

The Villain and her Security Droid move towards the Emissary's position.

Colonial troopers in combat armor.

Planetary rebels in rocks.

A long view of the table.

  One of the cards in the deck I made for the game.
The Villain uses her Force Push against one of the Emissary's crew and their combat droids.
After being wounded by the Emissary's Specialist the Villain is taken out by a hasty attack, on a Red Deuce, by the Emissary.
After the fall of the Villain her one of her troopers takes a shot at the Emissary and returns the lethal favor while the Security Droid handles a swarm of combat drones with his cherished blaster pistol.
With the Emissary out of combat her crew decides withdrawal to be the best option. The Specialist starts lugging the Emissary's limp form back into the shuttle while the remaining crew gives covering fire.
The Planetary Rebels move up and start putting heavy fire into the Villain's remaining troopers.

As do the Colonial Troopers.

The Colonial Troopers target the Villain's Security droid and after two turns of heavy firing by the entire squad the droid is finished. At this point the Villains remaining troopers withdraw and the game is called. A marginal victory for the Villain but at a high, personal cost. At least she won't have to deal with of of those Force choking "Pep Talks" from her boss when she reports back in.

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